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. as moammar gadhafi's forces battled a fresh round of air strikes. u.s. officials say days of attacks on the regime's ground troops are working and coalition forces are ready to expand the u.n.'s no-fly zone to protect the libyan people. >> the extension of the no-fly zone will enable us to have a greater freedom of movement and the other thing it provides is a greater ability for humanitarian assistance. >> american troops have fired more than 100 cruise missiles including one that hit gadhafi's compound. but international forces led most of monday's missions and president obama says soon, the u.s. will hand over full control. >> we anticipate this transition to take place in a matter of days and not a matter of weeks. >> still, more and more lawmakers are criticizing the president for failing to lay out a clear plan. they question how far and how long he's willing to go to stop gadhafi. >> we don't want it to be long. we don't want it to be expanded. we're fighting two wars already. >> reporter: some support the military action but oppose the president's handling of it. >> i do thi
of damage or injuries and at this point, no tsunamis expected. the u.s. geological surae said the 6.6 quake struck 19 miles beneath the ocean floor. >> we have a commuter alert for drivers taking the intercounty connector. the free ride is over. starting today, drivers in cars and light trucks will pay $1.45 during peak hours and $1.15 during off-peak hours. overnight, from 11:00 to 5:00 a.m., the fee is 60 cents. hundreds of people rallied in support of wisconsin governor scott walker. a conservative group called americans for prosperity is backing the governor's plan to take away collective bargaining rights for state workers. they say it is time for public employees to pay more for that are their benefits. union workers have spent days occupying the capitol building and protest the budget cutting plan. >>> turning to the unrest in libya, rebels and forces loyal to muammar gadhafi are gearing up for another day of fierce battles. >> opposition forces are trying to inch closer to the capitol. as they're trying to win back territory captured by the insurgents. >> rebels are claiming victory
with the u.s.'s support. the president has been to the operation saying it was necessary to prevent leader moammar gadhafi from killing his own people. >> i refuse to wait for the images of slaughter and mass graves before taking action. >> what the president didn't say was how much the mission will cost or how long it might take. >> it may not happen overnight. as a badly weakened gadhafi tries desperately to hang on to power. >> while the president wants gadhafi out, he doesn't want to do force to do it but others here on capitol hill aren't so sure. following the speech, republican senator john mccain released a statement saying the united states and our allies must continue to take all necessary measures to compel gadhafi to leave power. >> kentucky senator rand paul blasted the president for failing to consult congress and question the administration's end game. >> when or if there is a regime change in libya, what kind of leadership exactly will replace gadhafi? >> this morning, secretary of state hillary clinton is in london for an international meeting on libya to weigh the best po
. but we will not be in the lead. >> tuesday, he promised the u.s. would hand over control of the mission within days. he also called the leaders of britain and france and agreed nato would play a key role. >> it is not going to be our planes that are maintaining the no-fly zone. that's precisely what the other coalition partners are going to do. >> it is not just western countries. warplanes from quarter landed in greece. they'll begin patrolling the you skies over the nation this weekend. susan mcinnis, washington. >>> three children and their uncle were killed and 13 other family members, mostly children, were wounded during an israeli missile strike in gaza. the family was playing soccer in their backyard during the attack. israel says the mortar strike was launched against militants but that the missiles went off- course and exploded in an open field. israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu issued a statement expressing regret civilians were hurt. the attack was escalated a recent round of tension between palestinians and other groups. >>> yet another earthquake has rattled northe
of the u.s.-led military operation in libya. however, this doesn't mean the end of u.s. involvement. >> president obama is now weighing the effectiveness of the coalition campaign. he's also talking with his advisors right now about the possibility of providing weapons to the rebel forces. in london, secretary of state hillary clinton helped lead crisis talks there and representatives from more than 40 countries focused on the need for libyan leader, moammar gadhafi, to step down. >> there are more concerns this morning about radioactive contamination spreading from the fukushima nuclear power plant in japan. tests on sea water near the plant show more than 3300 times the legal limit of radioactive iodine in the water. officials in the country though are downplaying the results. >> just to put the leak into perspective, new data from the institute for energy and environmental research suggests the radiation in japan is 160,000 times worse than the 1979 leak at three mile island. however, they say the japanese leak is still not even close to the amount of radiation leaked at chernoby
his compound in tripoli vowing to protect him. >>> operators of u.s. nuclear power plants are not telling the government about some equipment defects which could be safety risks. >> that's according to a report filed. it says that reporting guidelines for the nuclear industry are both contradictory and unclear. >> they have voted to conduct two safety reviews of 104 reactors within the united states. >>> more troubling reports from japan this morning. >> japanese nuclear safety officials believe the reactor -- the core may have been breached. if that breach did happen, it would increase the possibility of more severe contamination to the environment. >> now here's a look at the latest headlines coming from the earthquake ravaged nation. the official death toll from the earthquake and tsunami is now more than 10,000. 17,400 people are still missing. officials there say there is little hope of finding many of them alive. hundreds of thousands of survivors are living in temporary shelters. >> and around 660,000 homes do not have water. and more than 209,000 are without electr
straight night. as u.s. and coalition forces battle government troops there. defense secretary robert gates says the united states could be handing over control of libya operation as early as saturday. but he admits the mission still really has no clear end in sight. anxiety continues to grow over the safety of japan's food and water supply. radiation leaking from the crippled fukushima nuclear power plant caused tokyo's tap water to exceed safety standards for infants. traces of radiation have been found in raw milk, seawater and several different kinds of vegetables. the united states responded by becoming the first country to ban produce and dairy products from the area near the damaged nuclear plant. >>> israeli retaliation for a bus bombing in jerusalem continues today. military planes struck targets in the gaza strip overnight. the targets are said to have been militant training sites and tunnels beneath the gaza egypt border. ow on wednesday, several person were killed in a jerusalem bus explosion. no group was claimed responsibility. the bombing is believed to be a retaliation for a
at some things which happened while you slept. the u.s. ambassador to the united nations says libyan leader muammar gadhafi appears delusional because of his assertion he hasn't used force against the opposition. >> during an interview with abc on monday, gadhafi said there are no demonstrations going on in the streets of libya. he said "no one against us, against me, they love me." all of my people with me, they love me. despite gadhafi's claims of peace, the u.s. is keeping up pressure on him to step down. american officials say all options are on the table now when it comes to dealing with libya including imposing a no- fly zone to keep the rec eem from bombing its own citizens. >> wisconsin governor scott walker is expected to begin cutting education aid by $900 million, roughly 9% statewide. legislation that would strip most public workers of collective bargaining rights remain stuck in wisconsin's senate. the state financial losses must be made up by cuts or letting go state workers. >>> we're now just three days away from a potential shutdown of the federal government. >> tod
happens there could impact other parts of the middle east and ultimately u.s. interests in the region. >>> beginning today a taxi ride in d.c. will lost riders an extra buck. that extra dollar is to offset the rising price of gas in the metro area. mayor gray approved the surcharge. the extra charge will not apply to rides that cross over to maryland and virginia. airlines have been doing this for years and pizza and food delivery services are also following suit. >>> tonight mayor gray will deliver his first state of the district address. it comes on the heels of controversy in his new administration including the hiring and firing of sulemon brown, and the eventually resignation of his chief of staff. mayor gray will spell out his budget priorities, plans for jobs, education and economic development. the state of the district address begins at 6:45 at eastern senior high school. it is open to the public. >>> 4:36 now, discriminating against someone because of their gender identity may be illegal in maryland soon. this weekend the house of delegates passed a bill that would give tran
't ready to rush into anything yet. >> reporter: u.s. officials remain wary about imposing a no- fly zone over libya. secretary of defense robert gates warned wednesday that taking such military action could be a huge operation. >> let's just call a spade a spade. a no-fly zone begins with an attack on libya. >> reporter: a no-fly zone would prevent libya from launching air attacks on its own citizens. yesterday, troops loyal to muammar gadhafi dropped bombs over a city. the forces briefly succeeded before rebels beat them back. while american warships have moved closer to libya, the white house admits it's still a long way from taking any more military action. there is a great deal of caution that is being exercised with respect to any actions that we might take other than in support of humanitarian missions. >> reporter: speaking before a cheering crowd, gadhafi warned against any intervention. he's threatening to turn libya into another vietnam, saying if the u.s. or another country steps in, they will drown in blood. but rebel leaders are asking for outside help. they have formed thei
intervention option. >>> one of the two u.s. airmen shot to death at the germany airport has ties to virginia. kettlebeck died wednesday. >>> with signs of governor scott walker threatening now to issue 1500 pink slips. the state workers today, the senate democrats don't get back to work. he wants them to pass a republican backed measure. adds you may have heard, democrats and pro union groups oppose that bill because it would strip most rights when it comes to collective bargaining. >>> protestors at the university of california berkeley took a more dramatic approach to show their dismay over budget cuts in public education. eight students actually chained themselves together. all eight were cited for trespassing and then released. >>> there's a new push in maryland to raise the alcohol tax by a dime a drink. there was a hearing yesterday in the house. supporters say it would reduce underage drinking and alcohol abuse. but the lobby is fighting hard and some leading maryland lawmakers say a recession is no time to raise taxes of any kind. >>> new measures aimed at cracking down on text, whil
been asking for international assistance to stop gadhafi's warplanes from bombing civilians. the u.s. has been providing humanitarian aid but has not intervened with military force. >>> a tugboat mate was on his cell phone when a barge he was pushing collided with a tour boat in philadelphia. that crash killed two people on the tour boat. according to investigators, the tugboat learned that day of a life-threatening medical emergency involving his son. he made and received several calls leading up to the moment of the crash. the collision remains under investigation. >>> a connecticut man suspected of being the east coast rapist made his first court appearance. aaron thomas expressed surprise that he hadn't been arrested sooner. thomas is suspected of raping women from virginia to rhode island over a 12-year period. officials in northern virginia say they're waiting for connecticut to try thomas before filing paperwork to have an extradited to virginia. police in montgomery county are looking for a man who attacked a woman in aspen hill. around 7:00 last night, the man grabbed the wo
Search Results 0 to 11 of about 12